Moxie Birth Center in Pasadena

same sex couple birth image of a mother laboring while the other supports her.

These lovelies messaged me about a week before her due date. They were looking for a doula but hadn’t found one. The ones they did find were already booked. This was started months ago. Well, they changed their search criteria and boom, I popped up on Google for them. I am so glad I did!

I let them know I had another birth scheduled, but the chances of two different families having a baby on the same day at the same time were unlikely, but just in case, I worked with a backup. They didn’t mind at all. They would risk it.

I kept them very up to date ion what the other family was doing. When I got the call to go to the other birth, I let them know. This other birth went about 24 hours. Around the 23rd hour mark, I got a call that these ladies were heading to their birth center as the surges were getting very intense.

I wrapped up the first birth, went home, jumped in the shower, slapped myself around a bit and headed off to the birth center. This was at Moxie Birth in Pasadena.

It was a gorgeous sun drenched room, perfect for a peaceful birth.

birth photo of a same sex couple during labor by Los Angles Birth and Beauty.

Active labor wasn’t too long especially for a first time mom! Maybe about 5 hours later, transition hit and it was go time♥

Same sex birth story at Moxie Birth Center. Laboring mother and her wife are resting.
Birth story photo of a baby being delivered sunny side up at a birth center.
Birth photo of a baby looking directly at the camera after birth.
Birth image of a new mom smiling at her partner with their new daughter. Photo by Leona Darnell
Birth Photo immediately after birth of a mother and her daughter by Leona Darnell.
Birth story photo of a newborn baby looking at her mother by Birth photographer and labor doula, Leona Darnell
Birth image of a baby looking at the camera by birth videographer, Leona Darnell.

If you would like to see their birth film, I encourage you to listen as well. The audio really makes it all work perfectly.

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