Birth Photography Portfolio

The moments that make up the day your baby is born are fleeting. Mostly, you won’t remember the little moments. Sure, you’re going to remember labor. But will you remember each surge? Where you were and what you were doing? Will you remember how your partner supported you? You will remember your OB or midwife’s name, but will you remember everyone that was in your space? What your team was doing at any given moment? Maybe. Maybe not. Will you remember those moments when you were utterly exhausted? When you didn’t think you could go any further (but you did!)?

Or maybe you had to have or elected to have a cesarean birth. Do you recall the space when you were told this? Will you recall talking about it with your partner?

You see all birth is worthy of documenting. The moment your wee babe enters the world is all but one part of the bigger picture that makes your story. I hope you enjoy looking through all the moments both big and small.