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birth photo of a mom kissing her daughters hand by los angeles birth photographer, Leona Darnell

First off, yay for a new little life! You must be thrilled and over the moon to meet your sweet bundle of love.

Whether you are looking for a maternity photographer, birth photographer or a doulatog, I would love to connect with you.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what the heck is a doulatog? That information and whole lot more is within this website.

These pages are chock full of information. That being said, I am always just a phone call away and happy to speak with you. We can also Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or do it the old fashion way and meet in person.

Color birth photo of a tottooed dad holding his daughter by Los Angeles birth photographer, Leona Darnell
Color birth photo of the family looking at the newborn baby during a Los Angeles home birth.

Birth Photographer

When commissioned to document the raw beauty of birth for you, I will do so with dignity, love and respect. Let me be the one thing you don’t have to worry about. As your birth photographer, I will be there when you call; morning or night 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. I will be there as you guide your child home and will capture the first moment you look into your child’s eyes and they into yours.

postpartum image of a tattooed mom holding her newborn daughter

Birth Doula/Photographer (Doulatog)

What on earth is a doulatog? Well, it’s the best of both worlds: a magical combination of pregnancy support, labor attendant and professional birth photographer all rolled into one!

maternity photo  of a nude woman with tulle wrapped around her by los angeles maternity photographer, Leona Darnell

Maternity Photographer

As your Los Angeles maternity photographer, allow me to reflect back to you your most fabulous self, carrying life, having the strength and love shine through your eyes.

“I thankfully stumbled on to birth and beauty through Facebook and will be so ever grateful I did!

My partner’s first reaction was “Tell her she’s (photographer) freaking (insert expletive) amazing!” ~~Erica

Color birth image of a laboring mother and her husband by Southern California birth photographer,  Leona Darnell
birth photographer, leona darnell, breastfeeding her son

I am a Mother, Photographer, Birth Doula, Film maker and lover of all things chocolate!  Having called this whacky city of Los Angeles my home since 2017, I feel pride in the families I have served.

I am both an experienced birth photographer and maternity photographer.

In 2021 I became a birth doula. My goal is to empower women in having a positive and supported birth. Documenting the raw nature of birth is certainly a calling, but adding more knowledge as a doula allows me to become a true member of your birth team.

Please keep in mind I don’t show anything that the parent(s) are not comfortable with.  All images seen here (below and throughout the website) are with parental permission. Privacy and modesty concerns are always respected.

“Leona was amazing! Being my first child I was very nervous and let’s be honest letting someone in during such a personal time you can be a little hesitant,

but honestly she was so professional and comforting”. ~~Erin

santa monica birth photography image of a mother holding her daughter after a cesarean birth.
birth photo of a woman pushing during childbirth by Los Angeles birth photographer, Leona Darnell

Whether you are ready to book now or simply have more questions, I’m here to talk with you.

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