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Birth Photography

When you sit with yourself quietly and undisturbed, and pick up a photograph of the day you became a mother, running your fingers over the edges of that image, it becomes more than what it physically is. Sitting with your heart and remembering the love, the first cry, the first latch, what your baby smelled and felt like and what that simple photograph means to you, nothing else in the world is more valuable.

When commissioned to document the raw beauty of birth for you, I will do so with dignity, love and respect. Let me be the one thing you don’t have to worry about. As your Los Angeles birth photographer, I will be there when you call; morning or night 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. I will be there as you guide your child home and will capture the first moment you look into your child’s eyes and they into yours.

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Birth and maternity photography postpartum image of a father holding his newborn daughter for the first time by birth photographer Leona Darnell

Birth Doula

It seems there are so many things to think about when planning your birth. Who will be there or who will even be allowed to be there? Will you give birth at home, a hospital or a birth center? Will you do a unmedicated birth or do you prefer medicated interventions? How about delayed cord clamping? What are the benefits of that? There are no singular right answers. Every birthing person is different. What is right for one, will not be right for another. Allow me to help you explore and find your right answers.

As your Los Angeles birth doula, I will provide emotional, physical and educational support. I will hold space for you–giving you my ears and heart without judgement–on your birth journey.

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Please keep in mind I don’t show anything that the parent(s) are not comfortable with.  All images seen here (below and throughout the website) are with parental permission. Privacy and modesty concerns are always respected.

Maternity Photography

Come into my studio and prepare to get pampered. Have your hair and makeup professionally done, look through my designer dresses and flowing materials and allow me to capture one of your most precious memories. Perhaps an in-home lifestyle session is more your style. That can be arranged instead. As your Los Angeles maternity photographer, allow me to reflect back to you your most fabulous self, carrying life, having the strength and love shine through your eyes.

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“I do not feel like five stars [sic] is enough for such an amazing gifted photographer”.~~Sarah

Los Angeles Birth and Maternity photography color image of a man holding his wife as she pushes through labor at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles

“Leona was amazing! Being my first child I was very nervous and let’s be honest letting someone in during such a personal time you can be a little hesitant, but honestly she was so professional and comforting”. ~~Erin

Santa Mionica birth photography image by Birth and Beauty show a mother, father and child after a cesarean birth.

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