Doula and Birth Photographer (Doulatog) Service and Pricing

same sex couple birth image of a mother laboring while the other supports her.

Your Doula and Birth Photographer (Doulatog) and the Service I Offer

A Doulatog is a combination of pregnancy support, labor attendant, and professional birth photographer all rolled into one.

I have two separate (and short!) blog posts about what a birth photographer is and what a doula is. Both of these things may seem obvious, but you might be surprised.

Hiring a doula, or in this case a doulatog, early on in pregnancy gives us an amazing opportunity to connect on a fundamental level.

We get to know each other and work together as a team. I get to know your likes, dislikes, your quirks, your humor and your seriousness which will help tremendously in the birth space. When I get the call that you are going into labor, you are going to know exactly who is coming and how I will help. I will always be your biggest supporter and advocate and take some pretty damn good images of your birth story along the way.

As your doula and photographer

Let’s meet

I would highly suggest we meet for coffee or tea somewhere close to you so we can make sure we are a good fit. Bring any and all questions and please bring your partner, if you have one. I know life is busy, but carving out a little bit of time will pay off huge later. If you are most comfortable doing a video chat instead, I am fine with that as well. I do understand modern day life!

Ok, lets imagine we’re over the moon with one another. yay! Lets make time for one or two prenatal visits.

After all the boring details (deposits, contracts, etc.) are done, lets plan our first prenatal meeting. This is the time to let me absorb all the minutiae of your upcoming birth. Your concerns, fears, anticipations and anything else you want to convey. If you would like a second prenatal visit, that visit can encompass anything you would like including comfort measure exercises and teaching your partner how to work with you during labor. I am not a clock watcher or anything, but these meetings can be up to 90 minutes each.

Homebirth photo of a brother holding his newborn sister by Leona Darnell
birth photo of a woman during labor by Leona Darnell, Los Angeles birth photographer
You’re in labor! What now?

Once you call and tell me you are in labor, I get things prepared on my end and come when you would like. That may mean coming immediately or coming when you are in active labor or anywhere in between. As your doula, it’s entirely up to you when you feel you need support. Since we know one another pretty well by now, I can easily move from doula to photographer and back again. I will take cues from you and your partner when you need more support or less.

Provided that you have physical support from you partner, I will take that time to document and use verbal encouragement as needed. In the event of a complicated birth, my role as doula would take precedence unless otherwise specified. We will definitely have this conversation beforehand. In general, I stay about 90 minutes postpartum or after your baby’s exam.

You’ve had your sweet baby, now what?

With this package, you receive one postnatal visit usually 5-10 days after you have given birth. When I come is entirely up to you. We can use this time to relive your birth story and address any concerns. We can go over breastfeeding issues, pumping, schedules or anything else. The time is yours.

Between 4-6 weeks later, I come to your home to deliver your wonderful birth story images, highlight reel and custom keepsake box you can put your little one’s treasures in.

Doulatog (Birth Doula+Birth Photography) │ 2500.

Payment plans available.

If you are planning a shower (or even if you’re not) and would like friends and family to be able to contribute to the cost of your package, a gift registry can be set up for you.

Your birth doulatog package includes everything outlined below.
Black and White birth photo of a new father holding his daughter by Birth and Beauty.
One or two prenatal meetings

These meetings are usually an hour long each. They are dedicated to learning about one another, your needs and desires and what your expectations are. We can go over your birth plan and if you need help writing it, I can help with that. The time can be used talking with your partner and how they see their role. Sometimes partners may feel helpless in the birth space, but there is so much they can do to support you! I have books I can bring and exercises I can help you with. Really, these meetings can go any way you would like.

A complimentary petite (mini) maternity session

This is a great way for us to get to know one another. These about 45 minutes long Monday-Friday in my North Hollywood studio. I do have a selection of lovely dresses or you can bring your own. You receive five high resolution, hand retouched images of your choice sent to you via digital download.

On call from week 37 until your child enters the world

This means I do not schedule anything that cannot be rearranged in my personal and professional life. It means that I am available for your labor to begin day or night 24/7.

While my home base is Burbank, I also have a base in Huntington Beach to serve southern families. Depending on where you give birth, I can be at either location ready to go when you call.

75+ edited images with a stunning heirloom keepsake box

I hand edit your gorgeous images in both color and black and white and put them on a custom flash drive.

Your custom heirloom box can hold 100 5×7 prints of your baby’s birth. I include 50 beautiful professional prints from your day.

A Highlight Reel set to music

I put together a highlight reel set to licensed music that has been purchased specifically for your story. See samples here.

A qualified back-up Doulatog

In the exceedingly rare case (it’s never actually happened) I cannot get to your birth due to illness or emergency, I have a qualified doulatog on standby. I edit all images.

Follow up home visit 5-10 days after you give birth

This will be a time to talk about your birth, how feedings are going, how you are healing and to address any problems or concerns you may have.

Want more options?

To customize your doulatog package further, please see the Add-On page. These add-ons are at a deep discount to compliment your package.