Essential Items to Bring When Having a Baby

birth photography postpartum image os a father taking a picture of his wife and daughter after delivery.
Happy October!!

While most of the country is getting pumpkin spice lattes and bonfires, here in Los Angeles we are still sitting at the beach. This is where I found myself pondering my own birth. There were many items I didn’t bring. It was like my brain fell right out of my head. It made me think; what are the essential items to bring when having a baby?

Essential Items to Bring When Having a Baby

I put up a Facebook post asking people what they would bring if they could do it all again…here are some of their responses…

“I’m so picky when it comes to pillows, so definitely a pillow or two from home”!–Lauren

“Coins for snacks, comfy but cute clothes and makeup and hair stuff for photos (i was swimming with my first and my water broke and we left right away to the hospital… i had messy chlorine hair lol. a macbook for movies for downtime. my own swaddles or cute etsy swaddles that would be pretty for photos! i love the idea of bringing essential oils, i never had done that but i know how helpful those can be”–Bree

“Cash/checkbook! At our hospital, we had to pay cash or check for the birth certificate and we didn’t remember to bring it!”–Christi

 “I feel like my time in the hospital went so quickly! I sort of wished it had slowed down and I could’ve set up twinkle lights or my diffuser! ? But the item I absolutely missed the most was my pregnancy pillow I had been sleeping with for months! I really wish I had brought it with me!!”–Liz

“Coloring books or more activities for my older kids”.–Sarah

“A doula!!!!!”–Ashley

“A robe!”–Stephanie

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