When a home birth turns into a hospital birth

November 27, 2018
Written by: Leona Darnell

This fascinating tattooed and pierced couple were planning to have a home water birth.  They had their midwife/doula and now had their birth photographer (and new film maker!) in place.

Now, the baby kept growing…and growing…and GROWING! The best thing they felt was to induce labor with homeopathic recipes.

But this little girl inside her momma didn’t want to come out and didn’t want to stop growing!

Momma’s water finally broke, but after measuring and figuring the baby could be anywhere from 9-11 pounds, they collectively decided to go to the hospital and checked into labor and delivery at Kaiser Permanente Panorama City.

The baby was measuring large, but knew her body well and knew she could have a vaginal birth rather than a Cesarean section birth. We spent hours in labor and delivery with a Pitocin drip. Finally, active labor started and in just a few pushes, this nearly 11 pound baby came into world and their family grew by one and their love grew exponentially.

And yes, I was there to photograph this birth from start to finish. The birth film is still in the works, but I hope this birth photography and highlight reel (slideshow) will show how beautiful a hospital birth can be.

Husband and wife sleep during the night as labor progresses.

Sleeping through the night as labor begins.

A father looks at his wife while she labors

A tired husband watches over his laboring wife.

A mother holing a mirror to her vagina during labor.

Birth Photography image of momma taking a sneak peek!

Image of a mother grabbing the rail of her bed during labor.

Image of this strong mother during a hospital birth.

Mother pushing a new baby into the world

Birth photography image of the final push before baby Violet comes earthbound.

New mother meeting her daughter after birth

The new baby meeting momma. Vernix anyone?

A photograph of a tattooed dad holding his infant daughter.

Los Angles birth photography image of a new dad holding his infant.


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