Why are Pregnancy Photos Important?

It may not seem like it now, but time passes all too quickly. Nine months creating a baby may seem like an eternity when you can’t have your glass of wine with dinner, sushi with the girls at lunch or eggnog during the holidays. In all actuality, the nine months is a blip in time. Gone before you know it and soon you will be holding that warm, giggly child that you created.

pregnancy portrait of a mother in silhouette by Los Angeles maternity photographer, Leona Darnell.

As time marches forward and your baby turns from being the little smooshie of love to the little baby that begins to crawl and laugh, you may start to feel the words I miss being pregnant resonate. The truth is while pregnancy can be hard, it is also the most amazing and magical time. The connection is unparalleled by feeling every turn, hiccup and kick into the ribs. You may turn to pictures to remember this season in your life.

Los Angeles maternity photographer, Leona Darnell, shows a couple with the father holding the mother's pregnant belly.

While strolling down Nostalgia Lane, it is important to have those memories captured. Truth be told, any pregnancy photo (yes, even a selfie!) is important to have. While a professional pregnancy photo is not a necessity (yes, I said it!) it sure is a nice to have. Since this is an event that doesn’t happen all the time and you may capture many phone pics, try to make the time to have at least one professionally done. Bring your partner or other children you may have. On a personal level, it is an amazing gift to give the unborn child. It is a glimpse into a world s(he) has never seen. To see their parent(s) happiness and lives before they arrive is priceless. Think about your own parents for a moment. What would you give to see your mother holding her belly with you inside?

black and white image of a couple during a pregnancy photoshoot.

There may be many self beliefs that can stop you from taking a profession maternity portrait. These reasons may sound reasonable (yes, I know that’s not proper English-sue me ♥), but I assure you they are not.

Between eating everything in sight and your perceived cankles, it may seem like the perfect excuse to avoid a camera lens. I assure you, you are wrong and the regret will be real in months or years to come. You are amazing and beautiful and the fact that you are growing a life inside only adds to your beauty.

While this is not a blog post about birth photography, you will be happy to know, I offer pregnancy photos with your birth photography package. Not as an add-on, but offered complimentary with your birth package. You can see this here. However; if birth photography isn’t your thing, stand alone maternity packages can be seen here or you can view my maternity portfolio.

That’s it for now. The above photos were taken at my North Hollywood studio. She and her lovely partner will be giving birth in April. And yes, I plan to be there as her birth photographer and labor doula ♥

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