Is Birth Photography Worth the Cost?

Okay. Okay. It has been seriously a hot minute since writing. I do like to write. Really I do! This year has been a blessing with many births and several doula jobs and lest us not forget , my yearly Santa Sessions—which, of course, have nothing to do with birth, but it keeps me very busy for the month of November. No excuse for not writing, but between births, editing and being a mom to an active 10 year old makes the bed look more inviting than sitting in a desk chair.

So here I sit at 730am waiting for my child to get ready for school and thinking. Thinking about the economy and surviving in it as a small business. Well, I am not exactly thinking that, but I am thinking how families do invest in the birth of their child whether it be in “good” financial times or “bad”. And is birth photography (or even doula services) worth the cost?

The cost of anything is really subjective isn’t it? I mean, if photography isn’t an important part of your life then it certainly may not be worth it. Who am I to sit here, pound my chest and say “YOU MUST HAVE THESE MEMORIES!”. That’s not my role. My role is; however, to point to reasons. It really comes down to what you value. For some, it’s cars, other’s its clothes, some others its photography. We are not all the same and that’s great! I could rattle on about why you should, but I would rather show you– These images are the reasons to have birth photography. These images are the reason birth photography is worth the cost–

birth photography photo of a newborn with vernix by Leona Darnell
Birth photo of a woman in labor with her partner doing the hip squeeze by Leona Darnell.
Birth photography image of a woman during labor with her hands over her face.
crowing image of a birth in San Diego county by Leona Darnell.
Orange County home birth photo of a brother holding his newborn sister.
Color birth image of a laboring mother and her husband by Southern California birth photographer, Leona Darnell
Color birth photo of a baby emerging from her mother by Leona Darnell
Color birth photo of the family looking at the newborn baby during a Los Angeles home birth.
home birth image by Leona Darnell of a mother holding her new daughter and her older sons watching.
birth photography photo of a baby emerging from mother by Birth and Beauty.

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