Pregnancy Photoshoot in that green dress

Hiya and happy June! I think I really need to invest in more colors of this dress. It seems very popular. Pretty soon my entire pregnancy portfolio will consist of beautiful mothers’ in a green dress. It really doesn’t disappoint. It looks spectacular on Momma T.

This photoshoot was done in a studio in downtown Los Angeles at FD Photo Studios. They have several different studios depending on the look you are going for. This white room is popular. Almost as popular as the green dress.

If you are in need of pregnancy photos to celebrate this wonderful season of life, send me a message and I will make it happen!

color maternity photo of an African American woman in a green dress.
Pregnancy portrait of an African American woman draped in red fabric laying on a couch by Leona Darnell.
black and white pregnancy photo of an African American woman standing at a window in profile by Leona Darnell.

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