The Maternity Portrait and COVID

I was itching to do some maternity portrait studio work, but I knew I had to wait. So waiting I did. I did a few maternity portrait sessions outdoors at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena last month, but I am never in my element as much as I am in studio. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting outdoors, but studio work where I can control 100% where light falls is simply intoxicating. Finally the day came in July that I could go back in. I wore a mask and nearly keeled over several times breathing in my own hot breath. I stayed more than 6 feet away and took as many precautions as possible.  It was all worth it! These images turned out fabulous and I had a hard time pairing them down.  I hope you like these studio portraits as much as I do! You can see more of maternity portraits here.

Pregnant mother posing in a goild dress on a green backdrop by maternity photographer, Leona Darnell

Color Maternity portrait of a mom to be in a gold dress on a green background

Maternity portrait of a pregnant mother against a green backdrop.


Birth and Beauty maternity portrait

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