Malibu Beach Maternity Photoshoot

While it is true, I prefer a studio than the great outdoors when doing a photoshoot, on this day in Malibu, the Gods of Photography were holding my hand. This beach maternity photoshoot was simply magical.

This photoshoot with Esther was everything I had hoped—except for the mass amount of people. Oh my gosh, there were people everywhere! However; I have now become the clone expert. Haha-not really-but close enough. I really thought, mistakenly that a Thursday evening would find very few people on the beach in Malibu. I was wrong.

outdoor beach maternity photo of a mom to be in a green dress looking at the waves.

The place we were at had a ton of stairs and I have to give props to Esther. At 8 months pregnant, she was a trooper and handled the stairs like a fit athlete. The dress is pretty light and comes from my maternity wardrobe. When she saw the color, she was all over it. I agree, it is pretty stunning against the beach sunset.

Malibu beach maternity photo of a mother to be in a green dress at sunset by Los Angeles maternity photographer, Leona Darnell.

Esther already has three beautiful children and had never celebrated in this way. She decided to opt for a beach maternity photoshoot. It fits her and her bubbly personality.

Maternity photoshoot at the beach with mom to be in a green dress.
beach maternity photo of a mother to be in a green dress by Leona Darnell

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