Sarah (French Hospital-San Luis Obispo, CA)

I do not feel like five starts [sic] is enough for such an amazing gifted photographer. Leona went above and beyond for me. She is very respectful and professional. I called her on a Sunday told her i think I’m going to have the baby and she was at the hospital before I was! after being at the hospital for few hours along with walking the hospital parking lot with Leona my doctor decided to give me a shot and have me come back the next morning for my planted inducing. Again Leona was at the hospital before i was the next morning and she stayed with us to make sure she didn’t miss anything. (and i’m beyond grateful because they broke my water and there was nothing for two hours so they started me on the IV. Two hours later I went from 2cm to 8 in twenty mins and had my baby in one push. it was my second child) she knew when to be in the room and left when she felt my husband and I needed alone time. It was like she could read my mind. Even though I knew I wanted someone taking pictures I did have the moment where I went oh no I don’t want someone in there and taking pictures. but after my husband called her and said it was a go (at the same time she was on her way to check on us) once she was in the room and set up I totally forgot she was there!!! it couldn’t have been more perfect! I was also sooooo scared we wouldn’t have any good pics because she had been pushed in the corner by my head due to the small room i opt for. the pictures we got are amazing! and she was still able to get soooo many! along with an amazing video of my baby’s first cries while I was holding her. You can really see the love and passion she has for photograph with the amazing photos she gave us. I wish she could have been there for my first child and she will defiantly be who I call to come back if I have a third.

Black and White image of a laboring mother in pain being supported by her partner.

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