Connie L. (Cedars Sinai)

I was initially apprehensive about hiring a birth photographer – it’s a very personal experience and I wasn’t sure if I wanted a complete stranger to be there. But Leona is absolutely fabulous. From the very beginning she put all my anxiety at ease. She is very easy to get along with and stayed with me through my entire 24 hour labor! She has a very calming presence and when taking photos is unobtrusive so you don’t even realize she’s there. She captures all the important moments and she has a keen artistic eye for creating her montage videos! She takes your wishes to heart and is very easy going also. I cannot recommend her enough!!
During this pandemic, I felt that through her images I could share my birth experience with my family members that could not be there with me which was another huge added benefit. Thank you Leona!!!!!

Color baith photo of a laboring mother holding her husband's hands.

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